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Nine Inch Nails’, “The Slip” Album Review

I was fairly impressed with Nine Inch Nails’ album. To think that most of the times when people say, “The best things in life are free!”, I will forever relate that to this album. I would like to warn most though its hard to really determine my opinion because I am an overall Nine Inch Nails fan for about 12 years now. I do, however, would like to add that the one album I had anticipated from Nine Inch Nails for many years wasn’t my favorite (”With Teeth”) of course after 2 -3 years, “With Teeth” did grow on me.

The reason why I’m even mentioning a past album in a current album review is because if I really wanted to say if I had to imagine what kind of sound I expected “With Teeth” to sound like it would have to be, “The Still”. I think this album was is genius. I would have paid two times the amount of “With Teeth” for this album and I think my wallet would have had to problem giving it up.

So I’m going track by track to describe to you guys another great record by Nine Inch Nails.

Track 1: 999,999

Sometimes Trent loves to do a great a little intro to his albums whether it be all atmospherical or a good intro song. Here he uses kinda of a hissing sound with some ambient and some greatly designed sounds in the background that he uses his great knowledge of sound synthesis to perform. The sounds get a little more intense then it all stops and you hear his voice saying something which at first you didn’t notice was being manipulated by an effect saying, “HOw did I Slip….” which leads to the actual track.

Track 2: 1,000,000

Using one more 1 to the title of the track brings you his next track. Which has the usual harsh and rash synth lines with some crazy noisy sounds and harsh bass sounds to accompany his neighboring sounds. There’s even a slight guitar shred in the song that reminds of “Wish” from their “Broken” EP. The chorus is catchy along with some the abrasive sounds in the verse. Overall great song! It kinda reminds you of a mixture of what he would do in his “Broken” EP
with his maturity of the “With Teeth” album.

Track 3: Letting You

The drum programming sequence in the beginning of this song kinda reminds me of some crazy drum n bass but then the synths begin to go nuts with some speedy vocal melodies. Another aggressive sounding song to follow up with its previous. The chorus really hammers on against your brain in this one. It’s fast and its what you expect in a nicely evolved Nine Inch Nails song.

Track 4: Discipline

This is the single for this album that most of us have already heard before the album came out. The song that made us anticipate the album to begin with. This one reminds me of something that would be in “With Teeth”. Its got your synth lines that remind you of the synth lines in “The Hand That Feeds”, but its just such a better song. A very catchy song and kinda tones down his aggressiveness from the previous tracks on this album so far.

Track 5: Echoplex

This was the other song that was heard in iLike before the album came out. The electronic drums starts off the song along with the bass line that is effected by a strange kind of distortion. It’s a pretty good song overall with some great melodies. The beat I think is one thing that will stay stuck in your due to the fact that it never really changes. Maybe not my favorite song out of the whole album but it gives good contrast to the other songs that you’ve heard up to this point.

Track 6: Head Down

I love the drums in this song and the extremely distorted guitars. I love this song its very mid tempo and everything, but what I really love about this song is the chorus. WOW! The sequence that follows the chords is just really amazing. It kinda reminds me of what “The Line Begins To Blur” did to my auditory pleasure. Not a track to skip at al!

Track 7: Lights In The Sky

Piano and vocals. One of the things that I love that Trent does. Sounds like a ballad of some sort, but if you’ve ever liked any of his piano and vocals only like the beginning of “Hurt”, “Something I Can Never Have”, etc. I think you’ll love this one if you’ve ever loved his piano and vocal work. I think the structure if very heart and especially the chorus and the melody that accompanies it.

Track 8: Corona Radiata

Sounds sinister and almost like the world is ending or something. It’s another instrumental that could be used for a score of a movie or something. I will have you judge for yourself. Strange way to follow up sucha great ballard sounding song.

Track 9: The Four Of Us Dying

Another sinister instrumental. The bassline and the effect in it is lovely. The song is generally a harsh electronic rock jam to me. It keeps you anticipated throughout the entire song. It’s a great track to jam to if you feel you need a dosage of a great blend of electronic rock with crazy synths and background sequences and etc.

Track 10: Demond Seed

The drum sequence is what really turns me on in this song. It’s more electronic than anything and I have been loving what Trent has been doing electronically lately especially since the “Year Zero” album. The song has some similar traditional Nine Inch Nails sounds. It’s abrasive, the vocals are soft, and the guitars at a minimum. It’s repetitive but it’s that beat that just doesn’t leave you and doesn’t get tiring neither and thats also the way the album ends.


I”m very impressed with the album. It seems almost too short sometimes, but that can be a perspective thing. You can enjoy it so much you might want to play it again. I honestly suggest getting this album, after all its free! Any hardcore NIN fans would def. appreciate it. It’s got its older influence back somewhere in there with a blend of the new mature sound since “With Teeth”, but it’s got the balls of “Broken” and “Year Zero”. So if you were a fan of any of those records, then I can almost guarantee you will love this album. For those of you who have been living under a rock for nearly 15 years and are a fan of electronic music blended with rock music because I really wouldn’t want to call NIN industrial these days, I would get out of that shell of yours and check this out this record. So don’t wait and do your ears a favor and get this album now at (Again, it’s free and you won’t have to feel guilty about “illegally” downloading it from a torrent site or a file sharing P2P network)